Chiropractic Testimonials

“Continuously Falling”

"Prior to seeing Dr. Smith I had many episodes of continuously falling and had had enough and decided that I needed to do something. I’d been to see a neurologist and the end result was surgery that was something I was not willing to go through, it seemed very risky. From there the medical doctors would prescribe medications such as steroids and pain killers which was not working.

After 2 ½ months of going through this I came to see Dr. Smith and he prescribed a plan for me. I followed the plan and started to notice immediate improvement in just a short amount of time. After my plan was complete I then was put into maintenance and continue to keep up with maintaining my care, my results have been great. I would recommend Cheyenne Family Chiropractic wholeheartedly they are very professional and treat you with dignity and respect."

- James O.

“Numb foot, grinding in neck, and low back pain”

"When I came in to see Dr. Smith, my condition was very bad. The pain I was feeling was very severe. My right foot was totally numb, there was a grinding in my neck, my lower back was constantly in pain and I could hardly walk without falling. I was even having a hard time sleeping. I had been suffering like this for years and years. I had seen medical doctors but they could not do anything to help. I was even told this was all in my head.

Dr. Smith and his staff listen to what I have to say. The thing I like the most about Dr. Smith is that he always asks me how I am feeling and if there is anything he can do for me. Since being seen by Dr. Smith, I am walking around much better, sleeping better, and not in a constant state of pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Smith and his staff for their care."

- Janet Y.

“Discomfort from shoulder blade to low back”

"When I came to see Dr. Smith I was experiencing discomfort on my left side from my shoulder blade all the way to my lower back.  I had been suffering from this for quite some time, but it had gotten progressively worse over the past 10 years.

With regular adjustments and intersegmental traction therapy my discomfort has decreased.  I have increased mobility and increased desire to exercise more and improve my overall health.

Dr. Smith and the staff at Cheyenne Family Chiropractic are great!  They are very friendly and professional.  I would definitely recommend Dr. Smith to others!  I had tried chiropractic care with limited success in the past.  This experience was much more successful."

- C., Lt. Col., USAF

“Chronic Back Pain”

"I have suffered from chronic back pain for years due to the construction work that I do.  I have had several back injuries that were painful and debilitating.

The first one made my muscles cramp so bad it was hard to breathe.  After only two weeks Dr. Smith had relieved me of my pain.  The second injury was due to a fragment affecting my sciatic nerve, which caused numbness and pain in my leg. It made it difficult to walk.  I have to have the fragment surgically removed but long before surgery Dr. Smith had relieved me of my pain and I was able to walk normally without a limp.

The whole staff here at Cheyenne Family Chiropractic are very kind, caring, and attentive to my needs.  They make you feel welcome and at home.  I would highly recommend to anyone suffering from back pain to come and see the wonderful people here at Cheyenne Family Chiropractic."

- Tim G.

“Blurred vision and Numb limbs”

"After I rolled a car I began to deal with chronic pain constantly that blurred my vision, would make me pass out, and made my limbs numb.  I suffered for four years like this until I reached a point where I wasn’t bothered by the pain any more.  I tried another chiropractor that had done adjustments, but my comfort level was never achieved until I came to see Dr. Smith.

I like that Anne is friendly and professional, just like the other staff.  I also like that they quickly took me in and were ready to help.  They are always friendly!  Dr. Smith is great, I couldn’t ask for better.

I’m happy to say I no longer have chronic pain and am finally able to enjoy life without being uncomfortable.  If I ever need help, they have always been there for me.  I would recommend anyone who wants to feel better to come to Cheyenne Family Chiropractic."

- Sam O.

“Neck and Back Pain”

"I first saw Dr. Smith for pain in by back and neck.  I had been suffering for 10 years but did not seek treatment.

What I like most about Dr. Smith is he listens to all my concerns.  The staff treats me great also!

My results with Cheyenne Family Chiropractic have been great.  I would recommend care at Cheyenne Family Chiropractic because they are the best!"

- Rich R.

 “I Could Hardly Walk!”

"I came to see Dr. Smith with intense pain in my low back.  It had been going on for several weeks and I could hardly walk.  Until being seen by Dr. Smith, I did not see anyone.  I knew I needed help, but I did not want to see a medical doctor.

The staff treated me excellent! They worked me into the schedule so I could get in right away, because I was in such pain. My favorite things about my care were Dr. Smith’s compassion, and taking the time to get all the information to take care of my discomfort. I am having no problems. It’s like nothing had ever happened and I feel great!

My experience at Cheyenne Family Chiropractic was all positive care!   I am very pleased with the results.

I would definitely recommend Cheyenne Family Chiropractic, they are top notch!  Dr. Smith can fix anybody’s problems.  He fixed me anyway.  I am now a believer in Chiropractic Care!  Just try Cheyenne Family Chiropractic."

- Mary R.

“Low back and hip pain”

"Pain!!  That was all that I had been feeling off and on for so long.  Having been in a car accident as a teenager was where my pain started and my physical job was not helping either.  My right hip and low back were preventing me from working and most importantly enjoying life, everyone around me had to constantly keep an eye out to help pick things up for me, even put my shoes on.

I had been to see other chiropractors here around town and could give you a million excuses why each did not work for me; from being treated horrible to skipping town, the list goes on.  I had also tried physical therapy, muscle relaxers and even pool therapy.  Nothing was helping.  In my search for a chiropractor that would truly hear me out and understand what I was going through my co-workers had recommended Dr. Smith to me.  They told me how much he had helped them and thought that I should give him a try.

I can say today that I am able to do heavy work independently without having to depend on anyone to pick anything up for me or put my shoes on!  Dr. Smith truly listened to me and never made me feel like I was imagining what was going on with my body.  He figured out the root of my problem and treated it.  I would recommend care here for many reasons, I have never felt that they were just trying to take my money, the doctor and staff treated me great and my results were awesome, I FEEL GOOD!"

- Marissa L.

“7-10 years of lower and middle back pain”

"I was having lower and middle back pain on and off for about seven to ten years.  Then I came to Cheyenne Family Chiropractic.  Dr. Smith and his staff were exceptionally pleasant.  The results are night and day compared to when I first came in.  I tell everyone that this is the best decision I have made regarding my back.  Everyone should use the chiropractor for any back pain, no matter how big or small the pain is."

- Jason M.


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